Mythic Beasts does Web 1.9

March 4th, 2010 by

A company blog has been something that we’ve talked about at Mythic Beasts for some time now, but we’ve never quite got round to it… until now.

One of the frustrating things about being an ISP is that all too often, the only time that your customers notice that you’re actually doing something is when it all goes wrong.  For example, our network is now completely unrecognisable from where it was three years ago, but for the most part the vast amount of work that has gone into this transformation has been completely invisible to our users.

The company has also changed significantly, having acquired the shared hosting business of Black Cat Networks, and more recently, the hosting, virtual server and co-location business of Blue Linux.  Integrating these services has allowed us to improve our own services, but in a lot of cases, this has happened in ways that are not directly visible to our users.

This blog is an attempt to give our customers (and anyone else who cares) some insight into what we’re up to, what’s in the future, and, when things do go wrong, provide a forum for discussing what happened and how we can improve in the future.