Power failure in Telehouse North

July 22nd, 2010 by

Yesterday we believe was a power failure in Telehouse North. Mythic Beasts don’t have any equipment located in Telehouse but the effects were quite noticeable.

Two internet exchanges, LONAP and LINX were affected. The LONAP looking glass and traffic graph tell us that LONAP saw a all of the peers located in Telehouse North disconnect.

Lonap Traffic Graph

We don’t believe that LINX was directly affected by the power failure, but all sessions on the Brocade LAN were reset and brought up slowly over the course of about an hour, as you can see from the looking glass.

LINX Looking glass for the Brocade LAN

whereas the Extreme LAN wasn’t affected at all.

LINX Looking glass for the Extreme LAN

LINX Traffic Graph

Mythic Beasts saw no overall change in our traffic levels; we escaped unscathed.

Mythic Beasts Total Traffic

but we did see a brief drop on LONAP as various high bandwidth peers disconnected in Telehouse North.

Mythic Beasts LONAP Traffic

we didn’t see any measurable effect over Edge-IX (this traffic pattern is normal for this time of day)

Mythic Beasts Edge-IX Traffic

Mythic Beasts doesn’t currently peer directly on LINX, but we have two partial transit suppliers that do. Partial transit suppliers provide us with routes only from their peering partners so when they lose contact with a peer, we stop being able to route traffic to that network through them.

This partial transit supplier has 10G into the LINX Brocade LAN, 1G into the LINX Extreme LAN and 2G into LONAP plus private peers.

Mythic Beasts Transit 1

This partial transit supplier has 10G into LINX Brocade, 10G into LINX Extreme, 10G into AMSIX, 2.5G into Decix, 2G into LONAP and 1G into Edge-ix plus private peers.

Mythic Beasts Transit 2

We take partial transit from two suppliers, one in Telecity HEX 6/7, one in Telecity MER. Whilst this is more expensive than a single supplier or joining LINX ourselves, we’ve always felt that the additional redundancy was worth paying extra for. We discovered today that one partial transit supplier has almost no redundancy in the event of a failure of the LINX Brocade LAN. We’ve brought this up with the transit in question and will be pressuring them to add resiliency to their partial transit service. We do intend to join LINX, but when we do so we’ll join both the peering LANs from different data centres to maximise our resiliency.