Router fails, no packets dropped.

January 29th, 2014 by

This morning one of our routers in our Cambridge data centre stopped reporting bandwidth data to our billing system. We investigated and whilst it was still routing packets without issue, it appeared to be experiencing hardware failure.

We’ve powered the router down, pending full investigation on our data centre visit this afternoon. Currently all traffic from our Cambridge site is being handled by our other router. This seamlessly failed over with no customer impact.

Depending on your choice of terminology ‘Redundancy has been reduced to N’, or ‘The network is at-risk’. In Mythic Beasts we like to speak English so this translates to, if something else fails before the router is restored to service, there is a risk of a network outage to our Cambridge data centre.

Update : Friday 31st we fully restored our network to it’s usual redundant configuration by replacing the router with a similarly over specified replacement. Customers may have received free bandwidth for some of this period.